Published on July 23, 2023

10 Leading Web3 Early Stage Venture Capital Firms

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10 Leading Web3 Early Stage Venture Capital Firms

10 Leading Web3 VC Firms: Pioneering Investments in the Future of the Internet

Securing funding for early-stage startups in the web3 sector can be an uphill battle. Convincing investors to believe in the team, the product, and the market potential is no easy feat. However, while popular venture capital firms may seem unattainable for most startups, there is hope. Some VC firms specialize in industries like web3 and are more open to supporting budding entrepreneurs in this space. With a deeper understanding of the sector and a greater allocation of capital, these specialized firms are better equipped to evaluate startups in their field of expertise. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 top web3 VC firms actively investing in early-stage startups.

1. Dragonfly Capital

From inception, Dragonfly supports promising crypto ventures worldwide.

Industry: Crypto Stages: Any stage Contact Information:

2. Not Boring Capital

Tech-savvy venture capitalist with a keen interest in web3, optimism, and strategic investments. Explore a refreshing perspective on these topics by reading Not Boring, a widely popular Substack publication authored by Packy McCormick, reaching hundreds of thousands of engaged readers.

Industry: Hard startups (AI/biotech/space tech/web3/energy/healthcare) Stages: Pre-Series through Series A Contact Information:

3. Leadblock Partners

LeadBlock Partners is a venture capital fund specializing in early-stage investments in B2B startups focused on distributed ledger technology.

Industry: Crypto Stages: Seed to Series A/B/C/D Contact Information:

4. Harlem Capital

Harlem Capital is an early-stage venture firm that invests in post-revenue tech-enabled startups, with a strong emphasis on supporting underrepresented minority and women founders in their entrepreneurial journey.

Industry: Sector agnostic (but prefers B2B, eCom tools, fintech, and web3 Stages: Seed Contact Information:

5. Energy Transition Ventures

Energy Transition Ventures backs innovative startups spearheading the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions

Industry: Climate, Energy, AI/ML, Blockchain Stages: Pre-seed to Series A Contact Information:

6. Monoceros Ventures

Monoceros is a cutting-edge investment firm specializing in public markets, crypto, and DeFi, with operations in Grand Cayman and New York City.

Industry: Crypto/web3 Stages: Pre-seed to Series A Contact Information:

7. Bloccerate

Bloccelerate is a worldwide accelerator and fund specializing in blockchain investments across diverse geographies.

Industry: Blockchain Stages: Pre-seed and seed Contact Information:

8. Propel VC

Investing in the emerging financial ecosystem

Industry: Fintech and Crypto Stages: Seed to Series for US and Latin America-based founders Contact Information:

9. HoriZen Capital

HoriZen Capital is a private equity firm specializing in software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies and led by a team of experienced growth operators, finance professionals, and M&A specialists. Our primary objective is to invest in promising businesses, foster their growth, and ultimately secure profitable exits.

Industry: We invest in blockchain Stages: Scaling5. Growth Contact Information:

10. Hashed Health

A Venture Studio Fostering Innovation and Collaboration in the Healthcare Industry

Industry: We invest in blockchain Stages: Prototype1. Idea or Patent3. Early Revenue Contact Information:


In conclusion, these 10 prominent web3 VC firms not only offer financial support but also bring valuable expertise and connections to help startups thrive. Startups in the web3 industry can greatly benefit from approaching these specialized firms, as they have a proven track record of backing successful ventures. With their dedication to driving positive change, these VC firms are undoubtedly shaping the future of the web3 ecosystem.

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