Published on July 23, 2023

17 Early Stage Venture Capital Firms Investing in Healthcare Startups

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17 Early Stage Venture Capital Firms Investing in Healthcare Startups

17 Venture Capital Firms Boosting Healthcare Startups

Securing funding for early-stage startups in the healthcare industry can be a daunting task. Startups not only have to prove themselves to investors, but also demonstrate the potential market for their product. While catching the attention of popular venture capital (VC) firms may seem like a lofty goal for most startups, there are specialized VC firms that focus specifically on healthcare investments and might be more open to supporting innovative ideas in the field. These firms typically possess a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, allocate substantial capital toward their expertise, and possess the ability to effectively evaluate startups in this niche. In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 17 VC firms that are actively investing in early-stage healthcare startups, offering valuable opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking financial support for their healthcare ventures.

1. US Venture Partners

USVP, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is a reputable venture capital firm dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs in developing exceptional companies.

Industry: Cybersecurity, Enterprise software, consumer, and healthcare Stages: Seed stage to Series A/B Contact Information:

2. VSS Capital Partners

VSS is a private investment firm specializing in the information, business services, healthcare, and education sectors. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, VSS has established fruitful collaborations with ...

Industry: Healthcare, business, and education sectors Stages: Any stage (for North America and Europe) Contact Information:

3. American Pacific Group

Industry: Technology, consumer, healthcare, industrial, and business services Stages: Growth stage (series A//B/C) for North America Contact Information:

4. Susa Ventures

Susa Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm, backing a diverse group of ambitious entrepreneurs and creative minds.

Industry: Healthcare, fintech, logistics, B2B SaaS, and AI Stages: Seed and series B/C Contact Information:

5. Column Group

Industry: Healthcare Stages: Early and late stage Contact Information:

6. Quadria Capital

Quadria Capital is a private equity fund specializing in investments within the rapidly expanding healthcare industry.

Industry: Healthcare Stages: seed to late series stage (for south and southeast Asia) Contact Information:

7. Bessemer Venture Partners

Bessemer Venture Partners empowers entrepreneurs to establish sturdy foundations and build enduring companies.

Industry: Healthcare, consumer, enterprise, software. Stages: Any stage Contact Information:

8. HC9 Ventures

returns can often be generated in the early stages of company development. Through our extensive network and deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, we identify breakthrough technologies, disruptive business models, and talented teams that have the potential to revolutionize the industry. Our investment strategy is centered around providing not only financial capital, but also strategic guidance and operational support to our portfolio companies. We believe that by leveraging our industry expertise and strong relationships, we can help our portfolio companies navigate the complex healthcare environment and unlock their full potential. With a mission to improve global health outcomes, we are committed to backing innovative companies that are addressing critical healthcare challenges and driving positive change in the industry.

Industry: Healthcare Stages: Seed and Series A Contact Information:

9. The Fund Global

The Fund is an early-stage venture fund founded by New York City entrepreneurs to empower the next wave of innovative founders in the city.

Industry: Finance, Healthcare, and work Stages: Pre-seed Contact Information:

10. Brighton Park Capital

Brighton Park Capital is an investor-focused investment firm with expertise in software, information services, and technology-enabled services.

Industry: Software, Healthcare, and tech-enabled business services Stages: Growth stage (Upwards of Series A) Contact Information:

11. Springtime Ventures

We are an early-stage venture capital firm in the USA, specializing in investing in high-growth startups. At SpringTime, we concentrate our resources on financing innovative businesses operating in healthcare, fintech, logistics & marketplaces sectors.

Industry: Healthcare, Fintech, Logistics, Supply chain, Insurtech, and Marketplaces Stages: US-bases seed stage companies Contact Information:

12. Ridgemont Equity Partners

Ridgemont Equity Partners collaborates with accomplished management teams to achieve growth goals and deliver exceptional financial gains through their guiding principles.

Industry: Business and tech-enabled services, Industrial growth, and Healthcare Stages: Seed to Series A/B/C/D Contact Information:

13. Collab fund

Collab Fund is a prominent provider of funding for visionary entrepreneurs driving global progress.

Industry: Climate, Food, Healthcare, and Finance (money) Stages: Seed to Series B Contact Information:

14. Builders VC

Builders VC is a forward-thinking venture capital firm, working with innovative founders to revolutionize outdated industries.

Industry: Industrials, Real Estate, Construction, Healthcare, Agriculture Stages: series A Contact Information:

15. Female Founders Fund

Female Founders Fund is a seed stage venture fund that invests exclusively in women-led startups. We firmly believe in the exponential potential of exceptional female entrepreneurs. Our investment focus is on e-commerce, media, platforms, advertising, and web-enabled services companies.

Industry: B2B, Healthcare, Consumer, Fintech Stages: Pre-seed and seed for women founders Contact Information:

16. Greycroft

Venture capital and innovation investments

Industry: Consumer, Enterprise software, Fintech, Healthcare Stages: Seed to Series A/B/C/D Contact Information:

17. Ampersand Capital

Driving Healthcare Entrepreneurship. We're Ampersand Capital Partners. A distinguished Boston-centric private equity firm with over 25 years of expertise in accelerating growth within the healthcare industry.

Industry: Healthcare Stages: Growth stage (upwards of Series A) Contact Information:


In conclusion, the healthcare industry continues to attract significant investment from VC firms. By recognizing the value and potential in healthcare startups, these 17 VC firms have demonstrated their dedication to innovation and driving change in the industry. Entrepreneurs in the healthcare space should consider approaching these firms, as their track record of success indicates a higher likelihood of funding and support.

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