Published on July 22, 2023

24 Early Stage VC Firms Actively Investing in AI Startups

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24 Early Stage VC Firms Actively Investing in AI Startups

24 VC Firms Actively Investing in AI Startups

Securing funding as an early-stage startup in the field of ai can be an uphill battle. Startups not only need to convince investors of their team's capabilities and the potential of their product, but also demonstrate the existence of a market for their offering. However, for those looking to attract the attention of venture capital (VC) firms with expertise in ai, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Unlike generalist VC firms, specialized VC firms in the field of ai tend to dedicate more resources to and possess a deeper understanding of the industry, making them more receptive to investing in early-stage ai startups. To assist entrepreneurs in their quest for funding, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 24 VC firms actively seeking to invest in early-stage ai startups.

1. Index Ventures

Index supports the most ambitious entrepreneurs in transforming bold ideas into global businesses. We invest in startups at every stage of their journey, from seed funding to venture capital and growth capital.

Industry: eCommerce, fintech, gaming, AI, and security. Stages: Any stage Contact Information:

2. Susa Ventures

Susa Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments, supporting a diverse group of visionaries and innovators.

Industry: Healthcare, fintech, logistics, B2B SaaS, and AI Stages: Seed and series B/C Contact Information:

3. Not Boring Capital

Tech, web3, optimism, and strategy... but Not Boring. Discover the captivating insights of Not Boring by Packy McCormick, a Substack publication with hundreds of thousands of readers.

Industry: Hard startups (AI/biotech/space tech/web3/energy/healthcare) Stages: Pre-Series through Series A Contact Information:

4. Two Sigma Ventures

We are a venture capital firm that focuses on investing in pioneering startups that leverage the power of information growth and computing capabilities to drive global impact.

Industry: Software, AI, Quantitative modelling, ML Stages: Seed to Series B Contact Information:

5. Springtime Ventures

We are early-stage investors in rapidly scaling startups in the United States. SpringTime primarily invests in healthcare, fintech, logistics, and marketplace companies.

Industry: Healthcare, Fintech, Logistics, Supply chain, Insurtech, and Marketplaces Stages: US-bases seed stage companies Contact Information:

6. Responsibly Ventures

We're a PreSeed VC Impact Fund, supporting exceptional teams in both Sustainability and Social Good. These teams embrace competitive advantages, growth potential, inclusivity, ethics, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Your impact-driven competitive edge is our financial leverage. We assist our Founders in creating a widespread positive impact on the world.

Industry: Sustainability and social good Stages: Pre-seed only for US startups Contact Information:

7. Work Bench

We are your trusted VC partner, utilizing our unparalleled New York City hustle to assist you in closing enterprise deals and accelerating the expansion of your go-to-market strategy.

Industry: AI/ML, Data Infra, Dev Tools, Security, and Future of Work. Stages: Pre-seed and seed Contact Information:

8. Lightrock

Lightrock is a worldwide private equity platform that invests in environmentally-friendly enterprises established by mission-oriented entrepreneurs, dedicated to driving transformative impact on a large scale through innovative solutions.

Industry: Clean energy, decarbonization, and sustainable agriculture Stages: Series A/B/C/D Contact Information:

9. Energy Transition Ventures

Energy Transition Ventures supports and funds startups at the forefront of the clean energy revolution.

Industry: Climate, Energy, AI/ML, Blockchain Stages: Pre-seed to Series A Contact Information:

10. XRC Labs

XRC Ventures is a venture firm and startup accelerator focused on funding early-stage companies in the retail tech, consumer goods, and consumerization of healthcare industries from pre-seed to Series A stages.

Industry: Consumer, commerce enablement, retail tech, digital health Stages: Pre-seed Contact Information:

11. Bloccerate

Bloccelerate is a highly-regarded accelerator and investment fund that specializes in supporting promising blockchain startups worldwide.

Industry: Blockchain Stages: Pre-seed and seed Contact Information:

12. Eastlink Capital

We specialize in investing in early-stage enterprise cloud companies, with a particular emphasis on Data Infrastructure and AI. We prioritize mission-driven founders who possess innovative technologies.

Industry: Data Infrastructure and AI/ML Stages: Seed to Series A Contact Information:

13. HoriZen Capital

HoriZen Capital is a private equity firm specializing in SaaS companies, composed of seasoned growth operators and experts in finance and M&A. Their primary focus is on investing in and fostering the growth and successful exit of businesses.

Industry: We invest in blockchain Stages: Scaling5. Growth Contact Information:

14. Capital Midwest

Capital Midwest Fund is a venture capital firm specializing in funding innovative startups in the advanced manufacturing, B2B, and healthcare technology sectors.

Industry: We invest in early-stage European industrial technologies within logistics/supply chain Stages: Prototype3. Early Revenue4. Scaling Contact Information:

15. Hashed Health

A Healthcare Venture Studio Promoting Innovation and Collaboration Hashed Health is a Pioneer Venture Studio Creating Healthcare Startups A platform for verified credentials, introducing a fresh approach to practitioner credentialing. A data exchange enhancing supply chain resilience Transformer A community aligning nurses' professional needs with employer career paths. A platform [...]

Industry: We invest in blockchain Stages: Prototype1. Idea or Patent3. Early Revenue Contact Information:

16. Sentiero Ventures

VC fund based in Dallas that focuses on investing in AI-powered SaaS startups at their early seed stage.

Industry: We invest in B2B AI-enabled SaaS startups that have a full product ready and have one commercial pilot completed. We look for founders with prior experience in the industry and we must Stages: Prototype3. Early Revenue Contact Information:

17. Vinci Venture Capital

Vinci is a venture capital firm that focuses on investing in early-stage European startups in the fields of mobility, industry 4.0, energy storage, supply chain, and logistics.

Industry: We invest in early-stage European industrial technologies within logistics/supply chain Stages: Early Revenue4. Scaling Contact Information:

18. Alpha Future Funds

in and support innovative companies across various sectors, including technology, healthcare, and clean energy. With our extensive network and expertise, we provide not only financial backing but also strategic guidance and operational support to help our portfolio companies thrive. Together, we can make a positive impact and shape a better tomorrow for all. Let's connect and discuss how we can achieve greater heights together.

Industry: We Invest in a Sustainable Future from Resource tech to CleanTech Stages: Idea or Patent2. Prototype3. Early Revenue+ 1 more Contact Information:

19. F4 Fund

F4 is an early stage venture capital firm that supports experienced entrepreneurs as they transition from the gaming industry to their new ventures.

Industry: We invest in founders coming from the videogaming industry who are starting new ventures in AI Stages: Idea or Patent2. Prototype3. Early Revenue Contact Information:

20. Cusp Capital

Cusp Capital primarily focuses on investing in European startups at their early stages, with a particular emphasis on the software and sustainability sectors. This venture capital firm aims to support companies that are playing a pivotal role in reshaping industries across Europe in the current decade.

Industry: We invest in European early-stage companies leading this decade of software and sustainability redefining every industry - Industry agnostic approach with sweet spot of 3-5m EUR for initial investment... See more Stages: Early Revenue4. Scaling Contact Information:

21. Forward Partners

Forward Partners is a London-based venture capital firm that specializes in investing in early-stage startups in the technology sector, with a focus on marketplace businesses, applied artificial intelligence, and the Web3 ecosystem.

Industry: We invest in applied AI Stages: Early Revenue1. Idea or Patent2. Prototype Contact Information:

22. 25 Madison

We're a New York City-based Venture Platform, nurturing startups from inception and providing early-stage investment opportunities.

Industry: B2B SaaS, AI, Health Tech Stages: Pre-seed - Series A Contact Information:

23. Overline

Industry: Retail, Brick & Mortar Stages: Early Stage, Traction

24. Jon Chu (Khosla Ventures)

Industry: ML, Enterprise Infrastructure, B2B SaaS, Dev Tools Stages: Early Stage Contact Information:


In conclusion, these 24 VC firms investing in AI startups demonstrate their dedication to fostering innovation and driving growth in the field. By recognizing the potential of AI technology and supporting early-stage companies, these firms play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry. As AI continues to evolve and disrupt various sectors, entrepreneurs seeking funding and support can greatly benefit from approaching these specialized VC firms.

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