Published on June 15, 2023

Co-owning homes, creator economy, credit scores

Published by Jerry Teng

Co-owning homes, creator economy, credit scores


Our team has been working on expanding unistart. We just launched at UCLA with our interview with Chip Herndon. He’s got a killer story, from using Venmo to contact top investors and celebrities to hiring mimes to market his social app. If you haven’t seen the interview, check it out here.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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🤟 What Your Classmates Are Building


What? - A platforms that helps people co-own second homes at a fraction of the price without having to worry about the stress of management

Why? - Sharing a second home with other people can get messy, from splitting maintenance costs to taking care of cleaning and management. Partment takes care of all of that for you.

  • 📍Industries: Marketplace, Real Estate
  • 🚀 Stage: Pre-seed
  • 💵 Funding: $1,500,000
  • 🛠 Founded: 2022
  • 😎 Founders: Nadim Nagui (Virginia Tech, UMiami)


What? - A platforms that allows artists and creators to build meaningful experiences for their fans

Why? - Creators have minimal control over their communities on social media apps like YouTube or TikTok. Afterparty gives them creative tools to interact with their fans in new ways

Bonus: Co-founder Eytan Elbaz has one of the most stacked resumes we have ever seen. He was a founding member of what is now Google AdSense. Then he founded Scopely, a mobile game studio generating $1B revenue annually. Next, he founded Render Media, 2nd fastest growing media companies in early 2010s, before turning his attention to Afterparty. Like, wow.


What? - Build credit using your recurring payments and subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify

Why? - Financial power is concentrated to a small group of people with strong credit. Altro was built to democratize that access and empower people to get their money right.

  • 📍Industries: Fintech
  • 🚀 Stage: Series A
  • 💵 Funding: $22,000,000
  • 🛠 Founded: 2019
  • 😎 Founders: Ayush Jain (USC), Michael Broughton (USC)

Bonus: Ayush and Michael started building Altro, formerly known as Perch, when they were still in college at SC. They would work on it day and night out of the Blackstone Launchpad on campus. Iterated many times and competed in numerous pitch competitions. Now they are impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and are backed by Jay Z. True inspiration.

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