Published on June 15, 2023

Smart Charging, 3D Sneakers, Private Equity for E-Commerce

Published by Jerry Teng

Smart Charging, 3D Sneakers, Private Equity for E-Commerce


We have an action packed newsletter. First we want to revisit one of the most impactful startups that we featured on

Two months ago, USC student founded startup Carbonlink released their flagship product Carbonisbad. The platform allows anyone to offset their carbon footprints by purchasing carbon credits. The team lead by Mitchell Morrison was one of the first to launch their product on our new social feed called Spotlight. In February, they were #1 with 103 votes.

We would like to congratulate the team on raising their $350k pre-seed round. Their story should be inspirational to any aspiring founders chasing their dreams. It's cheesy to say it but if a group of students can build a startup and raise venture funding out of their college dorm, then anyone can.

Read more on their success here.

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  • Viral electric flosser startup Flaus is hiring a growth marketer (NYC)

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🤟 What your classmates are building


What? - Automatically schedule your EV to charge when electricity rates are cheapest.

Why? - Electricity rate is different throughout the day. It's most expensive when the demand is the highest, between 4 pm to 9 pm. Optiwatt syncs electricity rate schedule to reduce the cost to fully charge an EV by up to 70%.

  • 📍Industries: Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Engineering
  • 🚀 Stage: Seed
  • 💵 Funding: $4,300,000
  • 🛠 Founded: 2020
  • 😎 Founders: Casey Donahue (UMiami), Peter Franklin (Duke)

Zellerfeld Shoe

What? - 3D Printed sneakers

Why? - Fully customized fit. Fully recyclable. No waste material. Machine washable. Zellerfeld is creating the best fitting shoes without a factory.

Bonus: YouTube review of the Zellerfeld shoes

Boosted Commerce

What? - A platform that buys Amazon, Shopify, and private-label FBA businesses

Why? - E-Commerce founders who are ready to sell their business want a white-glove experience. Market places like Flippa and Empire Flippers can be hard to navigate. Boosted Commerce gives founders a cash offer as quickly as 25 days.

  • 📍Industries: E-Commerce, Private Equity
  • 🚀 Stage: Series A
  • 💵 Funding: $137,000,000
  • 🛠 Founded: 2019
  • 😎 Founders: Keith Richman (Stanford), Charlie Chanaratsopon (LMU & Columbia)

Bonus: Both co-founders are serial entrepreneurs. Keith sold his previous ventures to eBay and Sybase. He also founded a media company called Break Media that had over 125 million monthly visitors. He currently sits on the board of Grubhub.

Charlie founded an apparel store Charming Charlie that grew to 390 locations across the US, Canada, Middle East, and the Phillippines.

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