Published on July 23, 2023

Top 13 Early Stage VC Firms Investing in Fintech Startups

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Top 13 Early Stage VC Firms Investing in Fintech Startups

Top 13 VC Firms Showing Interest in Fintech Startups

Securing funding as an early-stage fintech startup can be an uphill battle. Convincing investors to trust in your team, your product, and the viability of the market can often feel like an insurmountable challenge. However, there is hope for those looking to break into the fintech industry. Several venture capital (VC) firms specialize in this sector and are more open to supporting startups in this space. These specialized VC firms are well-equipped to allocate capital towards fintech, possess a deep understanding of the industry, and can efficiently evaluate startups with expertise in this field. In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 13 VC firms actively investing in early stage fintech startups.

1. Index Ventures

Index is a venture capital firm that supports visionary entrepreneurs in transforming audacious concepts into thriving global enterprises. We provide funding and support to startup ventures in every phase of their growth journey: from seed-stage companies to established ventures poised for exponential expansion.

Industry: eCommerce, fintech, gaming, AI, and security. Stages: Any stage Contact Information:

2. Susa Ventures

Susa Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital firm, backing a diverse group of visionary entrepreneurs and creators.

Industry: Healthcare, fintech, logistics, B2B SaaS, and AI Stages: Seed and series B/C Contact Information:

3. SpeedInvest

Speedinvest is a European-based venture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage technology startups.

Industry: Deep Tech, Fintech, Health, Industrial Tech, Marketplaces & Consumer, and SaaS & Infra. Stages: Pre-seed and seed Contact Information:

4. Fiat Ventures

Fiat Ventures is dedicated to fueling the growth of fintech startups.

Industry: Fintech Stages: Seed to series A for US startups Contact Information:

5. Springtime Ventures

We are early-stage investors in fast-growing startups in the United States. SpringTime concentrates our investments on companies in the healthcare, fintech, logistics, and marketplaces sectors.

Industry: Healthcare, Fintech, Logistics, Supply chain, Insurtech, and Marketplaces Stages: US-bases seed stage companies Contact Information:

6. Quona Capital

Quona Capital is a venture capital firm that focuses on investing in fintech startups driving financial inclusion in emerging markets. Our main objective is to generate excellent financial returns while simultaneously creating a long-term and beneficial effect on society.

Industry: Fintech Stages: Seed to Series for emerging markets (India, Africa, Southeast Asia, & more) Contact Information:

7. Harlem Capital

Harlem Capital is a seed-stage venture firm that funds post-revenue tech-enabled startups, with a strong emphasis on supporting founders from minority and women communities.

Industry: Sector agnostic (but prefers B2B, eCom tools, fintech, and web3 Stages: Seed Contact Information:

8. Fintech Ventures

Seed-stage Fintech and Insurtech Venture Capital Firm.

Industry: Fintech Stages: Pre-seed and seed (primarily North Amerian founders) Contact Information:

9. Lorimer Ventures

Industry: B2B SaaS, Fintech, eCommerce, Developer tools, Stages: Pre-seed to Series A Contact Information:

10. Better Tomorrow Ventures

We are committed to harnessing the potential of Financial Technology to shape a brighter future, through strategic investments and dedicated building efforts.

Industry: Fintech Stages: Pre-seed and seed Contact Information:

11. Female Founders Fund

Female Founders Fund is a seed stage venture fund that focuses exclusively on empowering female entrepreneurs by investing in their innovative and disruptive companies. We believe in harnessing the exponential potential of extraordinary female talent. Our investment portfolio includes a wide range of industries such as e-commerce, media, platforms, advertising, and web-enabled services businesses.

Industry: B2B, Healthcare, Consumer, Fintech Stages: Pre-seed and seed for women founders Contact Information:

12. Greycroft

Venture capital and investments in emerging technologies

Industry: Consumer, Enterprise software, Fintech, Healthcare Stages: Seed to Series A/B/C/D Contact Information:

13. KLI Capital

Kli Capital is dedicated to investing in visionary entrepreneurs who are developing transformative enterprise technologies and iconic consumer brands.

Industry: eCommerce, Fintech, Insurance Stages: Pre-seed to Series A Contact Information:


In conclusion, these 13 VC firms are playing a vital role in shaping the fintech industry by investing in innovative startups. With their expertise and support, these firms are not only driving positive change but also creating opportunities for future entrepreneurs to thrive in the competitive landscape of fintech.

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