Published on July 22, 2023

Top 24 Early Stage VC Firms Investing in B2B Startups

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Top 24 Early Stage VC Firms Investing in B2B Startups

Top 24 VC Firms Supporting b2b Startups Investment

Securing funding for a b2b startup at the early stage can be an uphill battle. Convincing investors to place their trust in a team, a product, and a market takes perseverance and strategic pitching. While popular venture capital (VC) firms may seem like unattainable targets for most startups, there are actually a number of VC firms that specialize in the b2b space and are more receptive to potential investments. These specialized firms allocate substantial capital towards b2b industries, possess a deep understanding of them, and possess the expertise to efficiently evaluate startups in this space. In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 24 VC firms actively investing in early-stage b2b startups, opening up new avenues for entrepreneurs seeking funding opportunities.

1. Elevation Capital

Every day we're actively seeking, listening, and searching for those who embrace innovative approaches, redefine conventional norms, and pioneer groundbreaking industries.

Industry: consumers, enterprise software, logistics, and B2B Stages: Seed stage (for India) Contact Information:


Funding The Work Revolution: Capitalizing on Future of Work Opportunities

Industry: B2B software Stages: Pre-seed and seed Contact Information:

3. Susa Ventures

Susa Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital firm, supporting a diverse community of visionaries and innovators.

Industry: Healthcare, fintech, logistics, B2B SaaS, and AI Stages: Seed and series B/C Contact Information:

4. One Peak

Backing visionary entrepreneurs building the future together.

Industry: B2B software companies Stages: Growth stage companies (upwards of series A) for European startups Contact Information:

5. Heartland Ventures

Heartland Ventures is an industry-focused co-investor bridging the gap between high-growth startups on the coast and potential customers in the Midwest, adding strategic value along the way.

Industry: B2B and B2B2C technology Stages: Seed to series A Contact Information:

6. Harlem Capital

Harlem Capital is a venture firm primarily focused on minority and women founders, investing in post-revenue tech-enabled startups in their early stages.

Industry: Sector agnostic (but prefers B2B, eCom tools, fintech, and web3 Stages: Seed Contact Information:

7. Operator Collective

We place high value on fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, along with operational expertise, as crucial factors in establishing remarkable companies.

Industry: Enterprised and B2B software Stages: Seed to Series A Contact Information:

8. Avataar Ventures

Avataar Venture Partners is a growth-focused Capital Investment Firm.

Industry: B2B and SaaS Stages: Series B/C/D for Indian companies Contact Information:

9. Lorimer Ventures

Industry: B2B SaaS, Fintech, eCommerce, Developer tools, Stages: Pre-seed to Series A Contact Information:

10. NextView Ventures

The Future is Approaching

Industry: Consumer and B2B Stages: Pre-seed and seed Contact Information:

11. Weekend Fund

Weekend Fund is an investment firm that specializes in making early-stage investments, supporting promising startups with venture capital and angel funding.

Industry: B2B and consumer Stages: Seed Contact Information:

12. Female Founders Fund

One variation for this VC's description: Female Founders Fund is a seed stage venture fund that empowers exceptional female talent by exclusively investing in companies founded by women. Our portfolio includes e-commerce, media, platforms, advertising, and web-enabled services businesses, harnessing the exponential power of women-led entrepreneurship.

Industry: B2B, Healthcare, Consumer, Fintech Stages: Pre-seed and seed for women founders Contact Information:

13. GSV Ventures

GSV Ventures is a diversified venture capital firm focused on the multi-billion-dollar global education and workforce skills industry.

Industry: We invest in the early stages of B2B SaaS Stages: Early Revenue1. Idea or Patent2. Prototype Contact Information:

14. UVC Partners

Raise for free from over 5,000 investors.

Industry: We invest in early-stage B2B tech startups in Europe in the fields of Enteprise Software Stages: Prototype3. Early Revenue1. Idea or Patent Contact Information:

15. MXV Capital

Early-stage VC fund providing support and guidance to B2B cloud startups, with extensive experience as founders and operators.

Industry: We invest in the early stages of B2B SaaS Stages: Idea or Patent2. Prototype3. Early Revenue Contact Information:

16. Sentiero Ventures

Dallas-based venture capital fund that invests in early-stage startups developing SaaS solutions powered by artificial intelligence.

Industry: We invest in B2B AI-enabled SaaS startups that have a full product ready and have one commercial pilot completed. We look for founders with prior experience in the industry and we must Stages: Prototype3. Early Revenue Contact Information:

17. Neva SGR

Industry: We invest in Italian and global B2B Fintech and Deeptech startups in Series A+ rounds. Stages: Early Revenue4. Scaling5. Growth+ 1 more Contact Information:

18. Cortado Ventures

Cortado Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm specializing in investments in innovative startups.

Industry: We invest in mid-continent B2B tech companies in the energy tech Stages: Idea or Patent2. Prototype3. Early Revenue Contact Information:

19. Faber

Faber is an Impact-focused Early-stage VC revolutionizing industries through technology solutions.

Industry: We invest in early stage B2B Stages: Idea or Patent2. Prototype3. Early Revenue Contact Information:

20. Sand Hill North

Seed and Early-Stage Capital Investments in Socially Conscious Tech Startups. From pre-seed to seed to Series A, Sand Hill North invests in innovative technology-focused organizations that are not only driven by profitability but also have a strong commitment to making a positive social impact. The VC firm seeks to back startups led by founders who prioritize integrity, purpose, and clarity in their business models and operations.

Industry: We invest in pre-seed and seed tech. Our primary focus is B2B software but that's not a hard line. We're looking for products that make the world a better place. Stages: Early Revenue4. Scaling2. Prototype Contact Information:

21. Tenzing Capital

Tenzing Capital provides early-stage capital for ambitious entrepreneurs. We back founders who are constructing sustainable revenue channels by taking calculated risks in promising companies with significant growth prospects.

Industry: We invest in early-stage US-based B2B / Enterprise-focused SaaS and FinTech startups with early revenue through $5M ARR Stages: Early Revenue4. Scaling2. Prototype Contact Information:

22. Honey Island Capital

VC especialista em fintech early stage. Nosso foco nas startups de fintech em estágio inicial permite uma atuação próxima, oferecendo apoio no processo de tomada de decisão e conexões estratégicas. Saiba mais.

Industry: We invest in fintech and companies with a Saas B2B model. Stages: Idea or Patent2. Prototype3. Early Revenue Contact Information:

23. 25 Madison

We're a New York City-based Venture Platform, nurturing startups from inception and investing in budding companies at their early stages.

Industry: B2B SaaS, AI, Health Tech Stages: Pre-seed - Series A Contact Information:

24. Jon Chu (Khosla Ventures)

Industry: ML, Enterprise Infrastructure, B2B SaaS, Dev Tools Stages: Early Stage Contact Information:


In conclusion, with the backing of these 24 VC firms, b2b startups have a higher chance of securing the necessary funding and support to thrive in the competitive market. As the demand for innovative solutions in the business-to-business space continues to grow, entrepreneurs can leverage these specialized VC firms to propel their startups towards success.

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