Published on July 23, 2023

Top 6 Early Stage Venture Capital Firms Investing in Climate Tech

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Top 6 Early Stage Venture Capital Firms Investing in Climate Tech

Top 6 Venture Capital Firms Investing in Climate Tech

Securing funding for early-stage startups in the climate tech industry is no easy feat. Not only do these startups need to persuade investors to have faith in their team and product, but they must also demonstrate a viable market for their innovative solutions. While gaining the attention of prominent venture capital (VC) firms may seem like a lofty dream for most, there are specialized VC firms focused on industries like climate tech that may offer a more accessible path. These firms, with their deep understanding and robust capital allocation within the climate tech sector, are well-positioned to efficiently evaluate and invest in promising startups. In this article, we highlight six top climate tech VC firms actively supporting early-stage ventures.

1. Jetsream

Tommy Leep supports the fundraising and expansion efforts of climate tech startups

Industry: Climate Tech Stages: Pre-seed (and follow-on through Series A)

2. Jenson Funding Partners

Invest in Jenson EIS & SEIS Funds. Unlocking Growth Opportunities. Diverse Range of Investments. Capital Deployment in the Current Tax Year.

Industry: Climate Tech Stages: seed to series stage for European startups Contact Information:

3. Sopoong

This is the website of Pung Ventures, a startup investment firm.

Industry: Climate Tech Stages: Seed stage for South Korea and South East Asia Contact Information:

4. Climate Adaptive Infra

Promoting a Sustainable Future

Industry: Climate Tech, Energy, Water, and Transport Stages: Late stage Contact Information:

5. World Fund

World Fund is a European venture capital firm that supports entrepreneurs in the climate tech space, partnering with those who develop solutions capable of reducing carbon emissions by a minimum of 100Mt CO2e annually. Our investment focuses span from seed stage to series B.

Industry: Climate Tech Stages: Seed to Series B Contact Information:

6. Scrum Ventures

One variation for this VC's description could be: Scrum Ventures, a San Francisco-based early-stage venture firm, has an impressive portfolio of over 80 startups invested in across various industries in the U.S. and Japan. Leveraging their extensive experience and networks in both Silicon Valley and Japan, Scrum Ventures is dedicated to accelerating their portfolio companies by helping them tap into global opportunities. In addition, Scrum Studios is revolutionizing the traditional accelerator model by facilitating collaborations between exceptional startups and top Japanese corporations, regardless of their stage of development.

Industry: Climate Tech Stages: Seed to Series A


In conclusion, these 6 top climate tech VC firms not only provide financial support to startups in the industry, but also play a crucial role in fostering growth and innovation. Their commitment to driving positive change in the climate tech sector is evident through their successful backing of multiple startups. By approaching VCs that specialize in specific industries, entrepreneurs in the climate tech space can increase their chances of securing funding and gaining access to invaluable resources and networks.

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